Hiperia 3D is the home page of Jordi R. Cardona, 3D modeler, programmer and photographer.

Jordi R Cardona is a 3D modeler and photographer that started building virtual worlds in 1997, and now builds content and plugins for 3D applications like ZBrush. He also reviewed books on 3D for Packt Publishing and was sponsor of 3DCreative Magazine, and 2DArtist Magazine, brands of 3DTotal. He was also named Netbeans Community Partner for developing language tools for the virtual reality languages X3D and VRML using the Netbeans Platform, and has a site, Hiperia3D News (news.hiperia3d.com) that has been a respected, influential and popular source about 3D.
As a photographer, he studied in the IDEP School Of Photography And Design of Barcelona (Spain), one of the most prestigious private institutions in this country and abroad (Nikon Course of Digital Photography).


3D products for artists

Content creation and resources for 3D and 2D artists. I develop  models  for 3D apps like ZBrush ,  and other software related to 3D artists. Emma Alvarez and I sell our products at Artstation as Artistic Squad.

Software projects

Open source and commercial software projects. For now, this page links to Sourceforge. Commercial soft projects like plugins for ZBrush and other 3D apps can be found in the previous section.


Visit my gallery of photography, which has many themes from portrait to landscape.

3D News blog

Hiperia 3D News is a blog about 3D and technology, machinima, virtual reality, render art, and books.

Modern virtual worlds

Worlds built with modern technologies like A-frame or Unity. Coming soon.

Personal stuff

Visit my other site, where I host old stuff like my VRML worlds, and electronic projects, and other stuff not directly related to my current job, skills, and portfolio.

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